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The Ultimate Guide to Buy a Flat In Hyderabad

The Ultimate Guide to Buy a Flat In Hyderabad


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One of the most thrilling phases in our lives is the beginning of our own family. It is a dream for everyone to own comfortable home. If you are positively looking forward to starting your family in a new city such as Hyderabad and want to live in spacious flats at an affordable price then Alkapur township is a good choice.

Hyderabad has been declared as the top Indian city to live in for the fifth consecutive year by Mercer, the world’s largest human resource consulting firm. The Telangana capital holds a low crime rate and pleasant weather.

The apartment which you are planning to buy will hold all your memories. So before you invest in your dream home you have to go through some factors such as :

  • Location
  • Amenities
  • Security measures
  • Legal Documents
  • Budget


Location always remains a top priority while buying an apartment.

Buying a flat needs more than just location such as transport, hospitals, schools, market, and corporate offices. How much the location is accessible to various amenities the better living experience a resident can encounter.

There are 3 kinds of an apartment areas:

  • Carpet Area is the actual area of an apartment
  • Built-up Area is the total area of an apartment including carpet area and balconies 
  • Super Built-up Area is the total area of built-up area, carpet area and common areas of the building like lift, stairs.

Factors to check in the location before buying a flat in Hyderabad:

  • If the apartment is well developed or not. 
  • The actual area of the flat you are going to buy.
  • If it has problems such as water shortage, load shedding, etc. 
  • The actual ongoing land value proposed by the government 


With the rise in quality life and living spaces, it has become important for the developers to provide various amenities for potential buyers. For the price, you are paying it’s essential to enquire about all the amenities which you can get. Common amenities include a swimming pool, gym, children’s park.

Amenities to check before buying a flat in Hyderabad:    

  • The parking area of the building and sufficient parking area allotted for your visitors. 
  • All the amenities are provided as promised by the builder to you or not. 
  • Facilities like power back up, 24/7 water and electricity supply, lifts and security systems are present or not.

Security Measures:

From a resident’s point of view, we know how much security measures remains an important factor when you want to buy a flat. It should consist of proper security measures for making sure no accidents occur nor any negligence be there while a dispute raised within residents. It should be a safe environment for children, women and elderly people. 

Security Measures to check before buying a flat in Hyderabad:

  • If the building is in a safe locality and a friendly neighbourhood.  
  • If they carry out round the clock security or not. 
  • If the building area is under surveillance and monitoring 24/7.
  • construction of the apartment according to the guidelines of national building code norms such as life safety, protection, and prevention from fire.

Legal Documentation :

Before buying your apartment it is mandatory to do some research on the builder’s reputation and track record of his projects. Also, check the builder’s other projects and verify the builder from existing residents. 

Check whether the builder from whom you are going to buy an apartment has all the government approvals for the project or not. 

The documents which must be verified from the builder are :

  • Title deeds: if the project has a clear tile Assessment registered & ledger entry document for verification of title.
  • RERA: which the builder has to be registered under the Real Estate Regulation Act to advertise the project. According to this act, the builder has to hand over the project to the buyer on the exact date of possession. 
  • Stamp duty & Registration: Check the documents of titles to make sure the stamp duty is paid.
  • Tax receipts and bills of the builder: Verify if the builder is paying the taxes of the project or not such as house tax and water bills 
  • Sale deed: Sale deed has the complete details of the project like the address, area, common details of both parties along with the payment mode. It has to be signed by both parties along with witnesses.
  • ULC: ULC stands for Urban Land Act Certificate which is created for a fair distribution of land in urban cities 
  • Development Agreement: This agreement has the terms and conditions under which the developer can carry out the construction. It is in the name of the builder.
  • Ownership Documents: Verify whether the builder has the power to sell the apartments of the project.
  • Commencement Certificate: Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation ie. GHMC issues this certificate which allows the builder to begin the construction process of the project
  • Occupancy certificate: This is also issued by GHMC along with the project plan
  • Non-Agriculture (NA) permission: This permission is given to the land where the project is constructed. This certificate makes sure that the land can’t be used as an agricultural one
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC): No objection certificate is required from the government and different authorities such as the water department, electricity departments which state that the builder can carry out the process of construction of the project.
  • Encumbrance Certificate (EC): This certificate shows that the project is free from legal liabilities.

As a buyer one has to know all the key aspects before buying an apartment as it is where you are going to spend your life with your family. So kindly refer to the above key factors which you are going to buy your dream home which may help you.

Budget :

Buying an apartment is an enormous investment you have to make. Look into your properties and calculate how much you are going to invest and if you can get any special discounts or offers.

Purchasing a flat in Hyderabad through a bank loan is not only affordable but also convenient through all your legal documents.

Buying a property through bank loan benefits by carrying out a background check on the property and any discrepancy related to it would come to light.


By following the above-mentioned measures you can be reasonably certain of buying the right property like the ones offered by the Anuhar Homes


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