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Real Estate CRM and Marketing Automation Guide 2021

Real Estate CRM & Marketing Automation


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Have you been wondering how other real estate companies leave a heavy mark on their audiences? The answer lies in their marketing operations and adding spice to it with automation. Real estate marketing automation is an effective method for automating some monotonous marketing operations. You will make sure the people are connected with you regularly without disruptions if you automate your marketing activities.

Because many of your marketing initiatives, such as sending emails, posting online, advertising, and so on, are computerized, you don’t need to set aside extra time for regular follow-ups. On Sundays, you could instead spend quality time resting with your relatives and friends and family.

Enough with counting chickens. Let us now get to know what real estate marketing automation means. 

What does Real Estate Marketing Automation mean?

Real estate marketing automation is the practice of outsourcing specific tedious processes. It will assist you in streamlining and improving your promotional strategies. Many marketing elements, such as digital marketing, mobile messaging, and ad management, may be managed using an online marketing platform.

Many marketing automation products on the market may save both time and money. You may be utilizing automation in your real estate marketing initiatives today, but only for simple chores like mail merging. But there exists a lot more to it, and we shall discuss it all in the coming sections of this article. 

With that in view, you might be asking what the advantages and disadvantages of utilizing automation in real estate marketing are.

Let’s cover the topics below:

  • Generate and manage leads better- Lead management is a collection of strategic methods, techniques, and other marketing activities to persuade potential customers to buy real estate properties. You can express a preference for marketing automation if collecting leads and keeping frequent follow-ups appears to be a time-consuming procedure. You may use this method to send periodic follow-up communications, tailor the subject of emails.
  • Email Marketing- You may send drip emails to your web users over a period of weeks using email marketing. All you must do is obtain your customers’ email addresses. When you have it, marketing automation will kick in and assist you in sending more tailored messages. If you want to maintain contact with your audience regularly, drip email marketing may be quite beneficial.
  • Facebook Ads- It’s not starting to operate to send discordant advertising to an unnecessary demographic. When it comes to marketing automation, here is where it comes in handy. Customize your audiences depending on their choices, objections, and interests. And deliver the most targeted messages to your potential consumers, thereby increasing sales and purchases from your company. 
  • Social Media Benefits- With the automation idea, tasks include publishing photographs of homes, providing customer feedback, publicizing future events, offering real estate guidance and recommendations.

Advertising services and other activities will be way easier than before to approach and execute. You may accomplish this by utilizing social media marketing automation tools, which enable you to create appealing social media content and create a regular content plan for yourself and your subordinates.

CRM and its plus points

Marketers may use automation to categorize target audiences better, conduct advertising campaigns, engage leads, and track outcomes. CRMs enable your sales staff to understand better, engage with, and attract prospective consumers by centralizing lead data, simplifying internal procedures, and tailoring material for leads. When you utilize your CRM to automate all of your real estate tasks, you’ll be able to establish connections between marketing and advertising, which will result in more property transactions, more profitability, and increased customer satisfaction.

Automation Tips you can implement for the betterment.

Here we have discussed some of the methods by which you can implement automation in real estate marketing.

  1. Website Forms and Generating Leads– You may create an automatic marketing engine that gathers potential clues. At the same time, you slumber by linking landing pages and website surveys to your CRM. It doesn’t have to be complicated; a reply request form or a basic contact page would suffice.
  1. Automated Lead Routing- If you’re still actively routing prospects to the top agents Real estate investing software that optimizes lead management and circulation can save you considerable time. Build up a ‘first to claim’ strategy or round-about to route prospects regionally by postal code. Transfer greater-priced leads to senior salespeople.
  1. Activity influenced email flows- You’ll be needing to contact clients at specific points along the purchasing journey. When prospects demand a showing, enter into a contract, or obtain content from your webpage, use email processes to send automated responses. Among the most successful methods to achieve results from automated processes is through real estate follow-up communications.
  1. Opportunity Tracking- Your most valuable prospects are possibilities: customers aware that your firm exists and whom you know is in the marketplace. Keep a careful watch on such prospects by using automation. Transaction stages may be used in many CRMs to monitor golden opportunities progress through the typical phases of your workflow. Such as from request for a reply through agreement delivered to shuttered.
  1. Managing Property- Make sure you’re using the management company capabilities of your property investment CRM if you have one. You may input your properties to keep track of closings, streamline activities, and manage time frames until nothing gets missed.
  1. Two-fold Data Syncing- The most successful companies maintain their equipment and relationships up to date. Whatever app or platform you’re using, two-way data synchronization will keep all your contact information up to date. When you edit information in one application, it automatically updates that connection in all of your other synced applications.

Agent Availability: Make good teamwork smoother by synchronizing your schedule with your real estate application to get the most up-to-date snapshot of your agents’ accessibility. Schedules appointments and assigns staff more efficiently.

With so much information, are you wondering which is the right real estate marketing automation to choose and how? Well, here is the answer. Because automation is supposed to save you time, could you not add to your workload? The role of automation majorly lies in reducing workload for business and company owners. 

Instead, utilize two-way data synchronization to keep your connections up to date in all of the essential locations, especially your phone, while you’re on the go. 

It will save you the hours and effort of seeking down important information, allowing you to focus on delighting consumers, promoting your products, and expanding your business henceforth.


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