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What Should You Buy, Apartment Vs Independent House?

Apartment Vs Independent House


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A much more severe and long-lived perplexity to ever exist is “Which is a Better- Apartment or an Independent House?” for accommodation. A clear-cut answer ceases to exist. And the sole reason behind it is the presence of many thoughts and opinions on the same. We are not here to discourage your budding curiosity by saying this. But we will somewhat assist you in deciding what might work the best and be suitable for your situation.

Given the limitations of the non-existence of a defined answer in the posed doubt, the only wise and sensible option left to consider is to weigh each category of accommodation. A thorough analysis is backed up with comparisons that list advantages, pros, cons, and disadvantages that can aid you in getting the decisiveness hidden within you. 

In the upcoming sections of the article, we will weigh specific parameters of either buying an apartment or an independent house based on various feasible aspects. Scroll down to feed your curiosity. 

Advantages of Living in an Independent House:

  1. Benefits in saving wealth in the long-drawn run as rental expenses are cut down by large.
  2. Assured decent ROI on independent homes.
  3. Making alterations in your house’s layout is more straightforward, and you have an independent choice to make. 
  4. Places covering small areas are much easier and cheaper to purchase rather than investing in luxurious penthouse apartments. 

Disadvantages of Living in an Independent House:

  1. You will be responsible for all extra expenses. The maintenance of the house amenities like- electricity and water bill payments, plumbing repairs, yearly washing, tax payment, necessary upgrades, etc., will be under your control. 
  2. An added pressure on finances is sure to come upon the buyer. If opting for a home loan, you are supposed to clear monthly deposits for loan repayment, along with added expenses that concern the house maintenance. 

Advantages of Living in an Apartment:

  1. If you cannot afford monthly repayment of home loans, it is advisable to choose an apartment for accommodation. 
  2. An apartment gives you no worries regarding insurance and maintenance expenses. It is well taken care of by the apartment management.
  3. Apartment owners do not have to worry about extra costs that concern repairs and fixes in the flat.
  4. Even if a need for a crisis arises, the expense made is in the landlord’s hands and not the flat owner. This, in turn, encourages you to save money and prevent your wallet from running empty.

Disadvantages of Living in an Apartment:

  1. If you are a person with a bigger family size, apartment spaces might come off as rather congested for you. The area covered in building apartment flats is relatively for small families. Hence one must look out for square footage well before making a purchase. 
  2. Most apartments do not have outdoor spaces like a balcony, yard, or lawn. 
  3. Apartments have close proximity to other people living around them. This adds to the lack of privacy and also hinders the peace one might want to experience. 

If any of the above disadvantages come off as a serious red flag, you do not want to tackle, then strike off the choice right away. Additionally, one must remember that life is hard if you do not compromise. While striking off options, you must take care to be mindful of the compromises you can make without incurring severe losses of comfort. Doing so will help you decide better on what you’re most likely to be comfortable living in. Let’s consider some other aspects to narrow down our expanded choices. 

Ask Yourself

Are you a big-wallet man?

Finances matter in every purchase you make every day. If you have enough saved finances to invest in a big house, you can go for it. Else, the confined spaces of apartment flats are always there to welcome your visit. Moving into apartments can help save excessive expenses on water and electricity bills too. 

Free enough to spend time looking after your house’s maintenance?

A house has a lawn and garden to be taken care of regularly. If you lack time for these extra things, an independent house might not be the right choice for you. Apartments also come with an added perk of location variety. You can choose to live in an apartment closer to your workplace and save time while commuting. 

Are you serious about commitments?

Suppose you’re not good with commitments of whatsoever kind. In that case, it’s advisable to prefer an apartment because the choice has the added liberty of easy switching of places and locations. Suppose you’re bored of living in one place for long periods. In that case, an apartment makes shifting more effortless and convenient, which is quite unlikely for independent houses.

The apartment leases offered to vary in terms of duration-6 months, 12 months and so on. On the other hand, in the matter of a house, you’re locked in until the market gets ready to buy it from you, which in itself takes a long time. 

Are you a sucker for amenities? 

The amenities offered at an apartment are undeniably exceptional and are hard to beat. Apartments offer perks and privileges like no other place of living. With recreational areas nearby, you are always given a chance to enjoy them to the fullest, along with the added benefit of being close to home. Some of the basic amenities offered in apartment complexes are- fitness centres, swimming pools, parking areas, hiking trails, and a lot more. 

Final Overview

Deciding over getting a place of accommodation is indeed a point of serious consideration and thorough analysis of situations you are living in. It’s quite right with the saying- ‘Home is where the Heart is’ because you sure won’t want to invest in something you have no heart in. With the above factors regarding which of the properties can fit your preferences, it is assumed that you can now derive the right choice for yourself. Head forth to invest in your dream place of accommodation!


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