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When Buying Commercial Property in Hyderabad, Consider These Factors?

Buying Commercial Property in Hyderabad


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People are frequently intimidated by the prospect of investing in commercial real estate. The entire process encourages people to overlook important aspects while making a large financial choice. These lapses in awareness can be costly and must be avoided at all costs.

Real estate has traditionally been one of the most popular investment options for Indians. Real estate property investment is regarded as the best long-term investment; it might be a parcel of land, a flat, agricultural land, or a business space.

If you are looking for commercial office space in Hyderabad or elsewhere in India, here is a checklist of items to consider before making a decision.

Location Plays an Important Role

When it comes to the pricing of commercial real estate, location is perhaps the most essential consideration. Properties in desirable locations, such as a business space banking area, are guaranteed to deliver you good profits. When selecting a desirable site, amenities such as a good transportation system, distance from the metro, airport, and other considerations should be considered. 

Commercial properties generate returns through two channels: rent and capital appreciation. Both of these criteria are greatly influenced by the location of the business property. The idea is to invest in places where jobs are more stable and vacancy rates are below 5%. This aids in both consistent rent and capital appreciation.

Warehouses, offices, restaurants, shops, and industries can all be built on commercial land. However, the proximity of one business zone to another is determined by the type of business and the amount of vehicle traffic it attracts. 

Check for the Marketability

Marketability is an important aspect of commercial real estate. If you want to generate a steady stream of the cast from the property you’ve purchased, you’ll need to make it look appealing. High-tech, parking spaces, and security elements make a facility appear appealing. Purchasing a project in a developing area is more profitable than buying a project in a developed area since the returns on investment are higher.

Facilities and Amenities

If you’re buying a facility in a favorable location, such as near commercial property in KPHB, you must ensure that the space has cutting-edge facilities and amenities. Almost everyone in the commercial real estate industry provides large spaces. The facilities and amenities are what distinguish the top from the rest of the pack. If you want a strong return on your investment, facilities such as 24/7 power backup, cafeterias or food courts, critical retail facilities, sports arenas, and internet services should be readily available.

Tenant Profiles

Understanding the many sorts of tenants available is critical to the success of your business. It is preferable to rent your property to a commercial firm rather than a household tenant. Unlike residential leasing, commercial properties are leased to businesses for an extended period. This ensures a constant flow of funds over a longer period. Understanding your rights as a landlord is also crucial.

Quality Is Important

Commercial properties with superior quality, infrastructure, and amenities consistently attract higher rents and premium tenants. This will ultimately help with tenant retention, capital appreciation, and rental returns. Multinational tenants are willing to spend a few dollars more for a higher-quality building. Commercial buildings with LEED Gold or Platinum ratings, or with a better structural design for commercial spaces, command higher prices and sell faster.

Diversified Investing

Diversifying your savings minimizes the risk element linked with commercial real estate property investment. If a tenant vacates, the rents will cease, while the property owner must make the maintenance payments, property taxes, and so on time. As a result, it is regarded prudent to invest in many properties (diversified) – both residential and commercial properties – to lessen the risk associated with it.

Improved Interiors

Commercial buildings with better flooring, electric fittings, ceiling, air conditioning, interior cabins, conference rooms, washrooms, lobbies, elevators, lifts, and parking facilities, among other features, attract premium tenants and provide investors with higher returns.

Lease Agreement

Commercial premises are often leased for nine to fifteen years. In the case of a 9-year lease, the lease can be escalated every 3 years or every 5 years in the case of a 15-year lease. There is also a provision known as a lock-in period (for 3 or 5 years) during which the tenant is not permitted to leave the property. Before investing, several aspects must be considered. The longer the lock-in time, the better the profits for the investment.

Release of Lien: When purchasing commercial land that is under construction, make certain that it has been ‘Released of Lien.’ The phrase ‘Released of Lien’ suggests that all payments to contractors and suppliers have been made and that the owner has entire control of the property.

Code Compliance

The business property you are thinking about investing in must adhere to all local norms and regulations. It is important to contact the municipal office and obtain an up-to-date list of the legislation that applies to the purchase of commercial land, as they change regularly.

Deposit for Security

In commercial buildings, security deposits can range from 10 to 12 months’ rent. Tenants seeking lower security deposit options indicate that they are experiencing financial difficulties and may be unable to pay their rentals on time.

Guidelines Issued by the Government

Construction on commercial land in India must adhere to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs’ rules. The regulations cover the following major points:

  • -The commercial space given should preferably be an open hall on a single floor. If the area is on many floors, it should have a dedicated entry for mobility between floors.
  • -Adequate parking space should be provided.
  • -Office buildings for rent should be finished and ready to use.
  • -The office should be free of all encumbrances and easily accessible by public transportation.
  • -According to the rules, the rent finalized by the lessor-lessee must be authorized by CPWD/sanctioned by the Government of India.

Examine the Tax Returns and Returns

Rent from any property you own is normally taxed as ‘revenue from dwelling property.’ This is also true of commercial real estate. As a result, determine the annual profits by evaluating the tax and insurance costs. This will provide you with a better understanding of how your investment will appear in the future.

Rental income is taxed based on the actual rent collected or the rent that can be reasonably expected from such property. Furthermore, income tax laws allow specific deductions against rent earned when calculating income under the heading ‘income from dwelling property.’ Rent paid or received for such a property is deducted at a fixed rate of 30%.

This standard deduction is provided for commercial property that is rented or considered as rented, regardless of the amount spent on the property. Nonetheless, both residential and commercial properties are eligible for the interest deduction under Section 24(b) of the Income Tax Act. Any processing fees and prepayment charges paid to a financial institution for taking out a loan can also be recovered as interest.


To reap the benefits of commercial property for sale in Hyderabad, it is essential that you need to know certain things. I hope with this above article you have gained some insights to keep in mind before purchasing a property in Hyderabad!


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